Many of the women involved with wanc are artists, musicians and/or political activists. The cafe connects and replenishes our community, providing vital support which we would like to reflect and reciprocate on this links page. So here are some select links to projects that wanc women are involved with. If you have been to the wanc cafe and would like to see your site listed here, please drop ayesha a line with your web address.

wanc myspace Come and join the fun and leave a message on our myspace page.

bentstring studio If you need your music mastered/mixed or if you need something recorded then get in touch.

club wotever a fantastic monthly queer club night.

sexyrubbersoul Musician, DJ, producer and practitioner of the healing arts. Check out sublime new album Feast of salt

Jed Phoenix Jed Phoenix is a self-taught designer whose interest in clothes and the fetish scene started when she met the corset designer Velda Lauder in 1994. Check out her fantastic designs.

faye patton dynamic Jazz pianist and vocalist. Soaring, soulful,funky and original songwriting. The spirits of Ray Charles, Junior Mance, Tori Amos and Diamanda Galas breathe within Fayes lyrical landscapes of love, loss and inspiration.

lyndsay cockwell solo bass playing diva, with a beautiful voice and a loop sampler to boot!

gertrude eclectic all female DIY post punk band with cello,clarinet and melodica.

queeruption UK home to various queer political causes. Also organsiers of some of the best parties in london!

corey orbisons enegetic pure-heart-stop-start-noise-nik trio. A band with lots of DIY spirit. Nana Dorris goes down a storm at the poison club, former home of wanc

rampart social centre
fantastic and well used social centre. Heaps of things happening every week. Currently the home of the wanc cafe.

scratch and spike comic qweer adventures of spike grrl and misster scratch. This online comic is very funny,subversive and well put together.

aldermaston Womens peace camp - encouraging women to join in with non-violent direct action.

dyke Marilyn -a girls best friend of course!

netuxo Ltd a workers cooperative providing low cost IT solutions to social justice groups

wendy O Radical performance artist in love with free love and alternative lifestyles

thebakery a fancy lady collective that deal in gigs, aftershow parties and crafty fun.

imaan social support for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans Muslims since 1998

trevor4ever acclaimed drag king and Austraila's funniest export since Dame Edna