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what else is happening?
19th September 2007
Dib Dib Cafe
Brownie and Cub night (Dress up optional).
Bully off, toadstool jumping, competitions, bob-a-job and the chance
to earn your very own gender bender badge.
24th October 2007

Pretty Polly Caf
Polyrhythmic living and loving.

Live music and guest speakers
discussing different ways of conducting relationships.
Wednesday 21st November

Goodness Gracious Ghee Cafe
More than just Bollywood, Shilpa and vindaloo...
A celebration of South
Asian culture. Qweer/feminist activism, Diwali and Eid, sari wearing
instruction, dance workshop, fantastic food and guest speakers.
Wednesday December 19th
Holy guacomole!

The Nuns
6 piece all female band


Ingo performing live and direct






















Please note that the cafe is non smoking and vegan as we believe in serving nutrious food
at a low cost as well as promoting the ethos of harming nun and respecting our environment.

Suggested donation for a fabulous vegan meal is £2.50. If you can afford to give a bit more that's great,
if you just can't afford it then pay a bit less. You can purchase drinks at affordable prices.
The money raised on the night usually covers costs and any extra is pulled for future wanc ventures
The cafe revolves around themes that have been sketched out in advance, but sometimes
spontaneous ideas emerge on the night.
As it's a DIY cafe please wash up your own plates
and be prepared to get involved!

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